online classes to teach kids english

What is the OET?

The OET offers high-quality and engaging live lessons with qualified and professional teachers to help your child learn English.

At the OET, we believe all students can achieve and succeed in learning English with the right support and resources. Lessons are adapted to suit each student’s needs rather than the students adapting to the teacher.

Our philosophy focuses on providing fun, stimulating, and motivating lessons for young learners. Our lessons encourage a love for learning English through visuals, rewards, and stories that bring the language to life.

sunflowers in a garden with a fence and blue sky

Lesson Types

three children in front of an open book with the letters abc


Suitable for students who have little to no English knowledge. Covering phonics, the alphabet, an introduction to reading, and speaking practice. 

Lessons can be taught with 4 students.

5 children with speech bubbles above them and icons

English Confidence

For students who already have a basic understanding of English. Students will grow their confidence in phonics, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and understanding.

Lessons are taught 1v1 or 1v2.

red letters to spell read with three children and books

Book Club

Ideal for students who enjoy reading and want to develop their vocabulary, reading, and comprehension skills.

Lessons are taught with 4 students.

Topic Conversation

Focusing on a specific topic of the student’s choice helping to improve understanding,  vocabulary, and speaking skills.

Lessons are taught 1v1.

Why Choose theOET?

Native English Speakers

Learn English with Native English speakers who have authentic accents to help improve your child’s pronunciation.

Qualified Teachers

All our teachers hold degrees in English or teaching, plus have gained their TEFL or TESOL certification.

Technology Pro

All teachers are trained to be able to use a range of online programs in order to provide stimulating lessons for your child whilst minimising tech errors.

Unique Curriculum

Our curriculum is unique to our school and created in-house to ensure your child’s needs are met.


Students are given a virtual reward every class,  assigned a profile on ClassDojo to keep track of their achievements, and provided with certificates.


Detailed feedback is provided to parents at the end of each book or 6 weeks so you know how your child is progressing.


young student learning on ipad

“My child has been studying with Teacher Catherine for nearly three years. I often comment on how lucky it is to meet such a great teacher! Not only because her class is always so interesting, but also because she can bring a lot of knowledge to the children in joy. It is not only limited to learning English, my child and her partner always have a lot of gains in their class! My child looks forward to meeting Catherine every week and feels that the class ends soon. 

Teacher Catherine customized a suitable study plan for the children before each class and leads the children to think and recognize in reading. She also gave parents detailed feedback after class to help us understand the child’s progress and deficiencies.

All these make me feel very moved. I can feel that Teacher Catherine is doing education with her heart, and I can also feel her love for education. She is so attentive, just like she treats her children.

For my child, Teacher Catherine is the best teacher. For me, I have always been very grateful for everything that teacher Catherine has done for us.

I am very fortunate to have Teacher Catherine as my child’s teacher, and thank you so much for the joy and knowledge you have always brought to my child.”

Ping, Lisa’s mother.

student learning on computer

“The most fortunate thing on my way of learning is that I met Miss Catherine. She has been studying with Amy since she was less than six years old.

Her first class made the children fall in love with her class, and each class after that became the most anticipated day of the week for children. She will make their own learning plan for each child, learning in happiness. She considers each child her friend and remembers every birthday. 

This is the best teacher I have ever had.”

Yiwen, Amy’s mother.